Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What’s More Shocking About the Morrissey Story?

The headline of the Reuters story is; Singer Morrissey requests meat-free venue for Los Angeles concert.

After reading the story, I’m not sure what the most shocking thing about the story is:

1.      The fact that Reuters makes the claim that this mincing slob is a “singer.”

2.      The claim that this bloated old puss bag is 53!

3.      The fact that the way over-rated former frontman of the Smiths is playing the Staples Center? Last I checked the Staples Center in Los Angeles seats nearly 20,000 people for a concert. I would think the local coffee house with a capacity of 12 standing or 7 sitting would be plenty big enough.

4.      Or the reason for the story; that this holier than thou PETA-type coerced the Staples Center management company to not sell meat at the concession stands.

Gee…shocking that old Mo was hospitalized recently for a bleeding ulcer. Maybe this old

mo needs to have a steak and relax…it just might improve his health and his outlook on life!



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