Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Double Dose of Suspense

Poison Pill – Glenn Kaplan (Forge Books)

Whether you are putting together a perfect business deal or concocting the chemical compounds to make pharmaceuticals; it takes just the right balance to get the results you are looking for. Both the art of the deal and the art of chemistry can have a poison pill in the mix and author Glenn Kaplan follows up his 2007 novel Evil Inc. with another dose of business based suspense with Poison Pill.

Kaplan clearly understands the wheeling and dealing side of business having not only penned a non-fiction first book The Big Time which was based on some 350 interviews with business executives, but also prowled the corridors of Fortune 500 power as an advertising executive.

He utilizes that knowledge and proximity to movers and shakers to capture the machinations of those high pressure, high powered types in Poison Pill. The suspense gets ratcheted up a notch or two when the not so straight dealing Russian mobster, who has his own set of deals in mind, get involved with a hostile takeover artist who’s not all that he appears to be.
Kaplan creates an interesting mix of storylines that intersect nicely to keep the book on pace; deftly thwarting the chance that the complex web of stories might slide of the rails. He also manages to drop enough hints along the way to keep the reader guessing, but also driving the story in the process.

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