Thursday, August 21, 2014

Obama’s Serial High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Faithless Execution – Building the Case for Obama’s Impeachment Andrew McCarthy (Encounter Books)

The concept; isn’t really all that difficult to understand, yet liberals can’t or most likely won’t wrap their heads around the straight forward idea that former federal prosecutor, bestselling author and political commentator Andrew McCarthy lays out in his new book, Faithless Execution – Building the Case for Obama’s Impeachment.

Like any good criminal prosecutor, it isn’t McCarthy’s job to determine whether or not to move forward with prosecuting a case; it is his job to simply gather the raw materials; evidence, timelines, the DNA trails and all of the building blocks that going into “making” a case. Once that case is built it falls to the district attorney or the Attorney General to determine if the case will go to trial.

In the case of Faithless Execution, McCarthy isn’t building a criminal case, but instead is tasked with making the political case of impeachment against President Obama. In this case Congress, or at the very least the Republican party, would play the role of district attorney. Because McCarthy has stated publicly that politically he doesn’t think Obama should be impeached and Liberals have jumped on that saying that he somehow contradicts himself.

Nothing could be further from the truth! McCarthy successfully lays out a detailed and compelling case not only for impeaching Obama for his serial high crimes and misdemeanors against the U. S. Constitution, but he goes on to detail why impeachment shouldn’t happen without the clear will and support of the American public. That is clearly not going to happen, no matter how strong the case.

Faced with a media savvy, public manipulator in the Oval Office, who somehow managed to earn reelection after an outright and utter failure of a first term in office; the Republican “leadership” lacks the testicular fortitude to even ponder an attempt at impeaching Obama. Left unsaid is the all out fear of the outrage that would naturally be fanned by the liberal media over the “racist” impeachment of our first black President.

It’s clear why McCarthy had such a successful track record as a federal prosecutor. He develops seven very specific prosecutorial lines that would make for viable options for impeaching Obama, any of which could stand on their own, but given the shear breadth of evidence and the serial disregard for the Constitution that Obama placed his hand in the Bible and swore to defend, the true crime may be in the decision not to move forward with impeachment proceedings. Striking, eye-opening and deeply detailed, Faithless Execution will leave you disgusted by the lack of true leadership in Washington and hopeful for the day when Attorney General Andrew McCarthy could become a reality.

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