Monday, September 22, 2014

Got A Problem? Odds Against You?

The Equalizer – A Novel – Michael Sloan (Macmillan Audio)

Michael Sloan, the creator of the television series The Equalizer has breathed new life into the into the show’s ubiquitous character Robert McCall in the form of a new book barring the show’s name. While the big screen outing, featuring the oddly cast Denzel Washington in the lead role, hits theaters soon, don’t confuse this thriller with the separate storyline for the movie.

Sloan does a nice job of spinning out seemingly disparate storylines and then little by little he manages to pull the loose threads all together to bring this story to a rousing conclusion. While the story is the main focus spread over the 17 disc set, Sloan does a nice job of fleshing out the supporting characters to play off and alongside McCall. As if by some literary “magic” all of the women are tough, smart, and gorgeous with spectacular breasts and clothes that somehow manage to fall off or threaten to in McCall’s presence.

Having “retired” from The Company, McCall tries to settle in to a quieter life, plying his skills as a bartender in an upscale neighborhood joint. While on his way home one night, McCall makes the “mistake” of sticking his nose into a dispute between a hooker and her pimp and that sets him off on a path to his new role as a defender of the little guy who not only rights wrongs, but equalizes the playing field.

McCall’s run-ins with bad guys get detailed to a finite degree with every weapon, bullet and blow being described to the point where you can start to feel the body shots. While McCall gets pounded, sliced, diced, slugged, whacked, kicked, shot, shot again, shot one more time, stabbed, did I mention shot, grazed, walloped, pierced, pummeled, and oh yeah, shot; he still manages to out battle, out gun, and defeat every bad guy he comes up against.

Yeah this one is truly going to demand a suspension of your grip on reality, but that’s okay, because just like the TV show, this is really supposed to just be an adventurous ride. Did I mention the spectacular breasts and the clothes that fall off? If your seeking great literature, I suggest looking elsewhere. If you’re looking for a bit of kicked up action adventure then this is your ticket.

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