Sunday, January 11, 2015

Modern Day Robin Hood

The Thief – A Robin Monarch Novel – Mark Sullivan (Macmillan Audiobooks)

Robin Monarch is a modern day Robin Hood with a twist. Monarch is a take no prisoners thief with special training courtesy of U.S. Special Forces and the CIA. His targets are not merely the rich, but the filthy rich who made their fortunes through nefarious means.

Those who struggle to release a firm grip on reality, may have a difficult time with Monarch’s almost super human ability to adapt and overcome the forces arrayed against him, but it makes for a fast paced thriller when you decide to simply let go. Monarch finds himself up against some downright evils folks as one of his “victims” proves to be less than happy about having $20 million stolen from his stash.

“Big” Beau Arsenault displays a full on mean streak when it comes to his money and strikes back by kidnapping the beneficiary on Monarch’s criminal endeavors, Sister Rachel, a missionary doctor who saved Monarch from the slums and gangs years before.

Jeff Gurner, who did a solid job with the recent Equalizer audiobook (which was way better than the awful Denzel Washington movie) narrates this tail through far flung places and exotic locales and breathes life in the characters created by author Mark Sullivan.

Sullivan, who has penned a number of other Monarch thrillers, has recently become a member of the James Patterson cadre of co-authors, helping the book churning machine to write the Private series.

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