Sunday, March 22, 2015

Liberal Media, Locker Room Style

Bias in the Booth – An Insider Exposes How Sports Media Distort the News – Dylan Gwinnn (Regnery Press)

“We’re fast approaching a point where there’s going to be no real difference between Bob Costas and Rachel Maddow. Except one of them is a man. I think.” While that line made me chuckle, what made it not so funny is it was so true. By the way…Rachel Maddow…I hate that guy!

Dylan Gwinn is a sports talk host and in his first book, Bias in the Booth – An Insider Exposes How Sports Media Distort the News he offers up a comprehensive compendium of screaming double standard of liberal bias not just in the media, but in the sports media in particular. While the shot he takes detailed above at Tiny Bob, who is one of the absolute worst when it comes to flaming liberal sportscaster overstating there stupid opinions, Gwinn truly goes deep and detailed when it comes to pointing out the do as I say not as a do hypocrisy of the of the lefties in sports.

While they tout themselves, often straining muscles to reach around and pat themselves on the back for their open mindedness, the fact of the matter is that by most intelligent standards of reality, liberals are they absolute least tolerant people, notably in the media. The sports media is no different. God forbid you have a different opinion or view point on things, because they will bring on the pitchforks and torches and burn you to the ground.

Gwinn cites chapter and verse on topics ranging from Tim Tebow to Michael Sam and racism to Rush Limbaugh; oh wait…according to most sports broadcasters racism and Rush are one and the same. First amendment? Gwinn points out that, yes you have the right to speak your mind…as long as your opinion matches liberal sportscasters in lock step, otherwise, not so much.

Gwinn does a masterful job of dissecting the libs commentary chapter and verse and proving them wrong time after time throughout the book. Therein lies the rub…even when they are hammered with the facts, liberals never apologize for being wrong. I will continue to wait for the five halfwit St. Louis Rams players to apologize for their ridiculous hands up don’t shoot pre-game demonstration, that as now twice been proven to be wrong; once by the grand jury and once by racist, attorney general, Eric Holder’s Justice Department in the Michael Brown case. No…I won’t be holding my breath while I wait.  

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