Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hacking Warfare = Scary

Empire Rising – Rick Campbell (Macmillan Audiobooks)

Rick Campbell is a retired U.S. Navy commander with over 20 years experience in submarine warfare. He is also one scary SOB! It doesn’t seem that a day goes by that we don’t read or see a story about hackers penetrating some supposedly secure computer network and reeking so sort of havoc or potential privacy breech. Often it is foreign governments that are the funding source for those hackers and their nasty work.

Often times it is the Chinese, hell bent on not so much privacy attacks, but on corporate espionage or the theft of research and development projects. Now imagine that Chinese hackers have not just breeched the computer systems of the U.S. Navy, but they’ve left behind a little gift in the form of a virus that eliminates control over radar and missile systems that leaves U.S. warships sitting ducks for attack.

Well, you don’t have to imagine it, because Rick Campbell has done it for you in his new book, Empire Rising. The scramble is on the control energy resources and when China gets boxed out they decide to put a plan years in the making into play and make the United States pay. When America comes to the aide of Taiwan following a Chinese invasion, the Pacific Fleet is devastated after multiple computer systems are attacked by hacker viruses.

With thousands dead, multiple assets damaged or at the bottom of the Pacific, The U.S. scrambles to find a way back into the fight and turnabout is fair play when the Navy comes up with their own bit of counter cyber attack. Campbell paints a scary storyline and desperation fuels the pulse pounding pace. Empire Rising has a real been there, done that feel that only a guy like Campbell can deliver. Voice actor Jeff Gurner does his usual first class work in deliver the story.

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