Friday, May 29, 2015

Fascinating Tale of Rusty Gold

Fast n’ Loud – Blood, Sweat and Beers – Richard Rawlings (William Morrow)

Full confession up front…I HATE cars. I have never been fascinated with turning a wrench, fixing up an old wreck and making it into something cool or fixated on having the latest or nicest vehicle. For me, cars are and have always been a necessary evil, a means to an end that gets me where I have to go and back.

That being said…I have always had a high level of admiration for those who are skilled with the range of tools necessary to take what for all intent purposes is a pile of junk and mold it into a gem. Richard Rawlings and his friends at the Gas Monkey Garage, the center pieces of the hit, Discovery Channel show Fast n’ Loud, are some of those talented folks.

Rawlings takes us not only behind the scenes of the show, but back into his youth and evolution into a master builder of custom metal. He offers up these details in his own entertaining style that has helped him build a legion of fans.

Rawlings also offers up a section with tips on how readers who are so inclined can get into and succeed at flipping cars. The great thing about it is he doesn't come off like some smarmy house flipper who will be offering up a seminar at the local Howard Johnson’s this week end only for only $99.95. He comes off as a straight shooter who makes no promises and tells no lies.


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