Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Creative Inspiration Sharpie® Style

Sharpie® Art Workshop – Techniques and Ideas for Transforming Your World – Timothy Goodman (Rockport Publishers)

While I am neither an artist or a designer, one look around my office and you’ll see an oversized fishbowl chockfull of Sharpie® markers of all shapes, sizes and colors. Forget the erasable whiteboard; one of my prized possessions is an easel whiteboard with the oversized flipchart attached and just for fun the tabletop, oversized sticky note flip charts.

I find these to be the indispensable tools of creativity and planning, and I have been known to drive my wife crazy as I manically scrawl ideas on the flip chart I have strategically tacked to her office wall. I admit to more than a few overzealous arrows and under-linings that have been the root of paint touch ups.

So I approached Timothy Goodman’s Sharpie Art Workshop – Techniques and Ideas for Transforming Your World from the perspective of an undeniable fan of the Sharpie®. Goodman not only lays out the lowdown on everything Sharpie®, he also serves up some bold inspiration for the artist and the non-artist alike.

There is a level of fascination that I have for those artists and doodlers alike who can raise things to a different level when it comes to Sharpie® art. While Sharpie® Art Workshop may not transform you into a modern day Picasso, it will offer creative inspiration to kick things up a notch on the creative front and realize that there really are no rules to hold you back.

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