Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Walk On the Mild Side

Shaken – Tim Tebow – (WaterBrook Books)
In a day and age when the talentless and the marginally talented can amass huge followings on social media and make millions, Tim Tebow is a true anomaly. He is the genuine article; a guy who is supremely talented and walks the walk that he talks. Is he the best quarterback ever? No, but he did lead his team to two college football national championships, win the Heisman Trophy, get drafted in the first round of the NFL draft by the Denver Broncos.

So why does this guy find himself on the receiving end of a seemingly endless stream of mean spirited snipping? It can only be one thing; Tim Tebow is a believer in Christ and he is not shy about sharing his faith. That fact alone puts him out of the mainstream and based on his latest book Shaken, Tebow is trying hard not to be affected by those who try to drag him down. God love him for it!

Not many folks can have their lifelong dreams dashed and then face a relentless pounding by the media, anonymous commenters and the Twit-iots on Twitter and come out the other side remaining steadfast in their beliefs and carry a positive outlook and message forward. In Shaken Tebow details the crushing blow of being cut by the New England Patriots and his struggle to continue on.

He perseveres through all of this tumult by keeping his faith at the forefront of not only his pursuits, but of his life. While those who can’t wrap their arms, let alone their hearts around Tebow’s choices and my chafe at his sighting of scripture throughout the book, it is the real life stories of people Tebow shares that demonstrate how he and many others feel that their faith has seen them through not only the highest of highs, but the lowest of lows.  

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