Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hide In Plain Sight

Winterlong: A Carter Blake Thriller – Mason Cross – (Pegasus Books)

Carter Blake had a pact with his former employer, borrowing a piece straight out to the Cold War and forming a bit of mutual assured destruction. Blake had the goods on them, in the form of electronic black book and to keep them secreted away, all they had to do was leave him alone.

Unfortunately for Blake the man he struck a deal with is no more and there is a new sheriff in town and the hunt/race is on. Winterlong the latest installment in Mason Cross’ Carter Blake series is one hellacious ride that tests every single one of Blake’s very particular set of skills.

The amazing thing is that while Blake has spent the last five years since departing the employ of Winterlong, basically off the grid, behind a new alias, but really in plain sight. He uses his skills as a tracker and a hunter to full effect as he races across country, dragging along his latest skip trace and trying hard not to get the guy he captured or himself killed in the process.

Working his wits to the end and making things up on the fly, Blake manages to find his way back to the “black book” a jump drive just chock full of secrets and dismantle more than a handful of his former co-corkers along the way. While I hate to make comparisons, Blake is a fine mix of Jack Reacher, the Equalizer, and Taken’s Bryan Mills. Cross continues to rachet things up to a new level with each outing.

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