Thursday, March 23, 2017

Grit and Girl Power

Lola – A Novel – Melissa Scrivner Love (Crown)

The Crenshaw Six are a gang of rookie bangers, looking to make their mark, and the way to measure your place in the underworld is based on how many corners you get to control and peddle your wares from. Garcia the nascent gang’s leader gets hooked up with an opportunity to expand his base of operations, but with the Cartel that’s dangling the “opportunity” screwing up comes with a high price tag attached.

That tag is a target, firmly attached to the life of his girlfriend, and the books namesake Lola. The debut novel from television dram writer Melissa Scrivner Love, who's credits include CSI: Miami and Person of Interest, among others; offers a gritty look at life inside the reality of a drug gang.

Love paints and honest and edgy picture with broad strokes of the pecking order not only within the gangs but within the neighborhoods they populate. Backstabbing, threats, betrayal and death are the coin of the realm that she leavens with Lola’s smarts and oddly tenders, caring actions set against that back drop.

There is a true sense of girl power that pings through this book, but it never overwhelms the action and thrills of the story. A solid debut that marks what I hope we be on ongoing career path for this word scribbler.

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