Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Remind Me Again...Why I Should Care?

I love these stories...
Seemingly on the heels of actress Anna Paquin, star of HBOs True Blood publicly proclaiming herself to be bisexual, singer/songwriter Vanessa Carlton announced to the crowd of 18,000 at Nashville Pride, "I'm a proud bisexual women."

My only question is...why is it that I should care? Here's a newsflash for all celebrities who are pondering thes kinds of public statements...I DON'T CARE who you sleep with! Seriously! I wonder each and every time I hear one of these announcements if it's nothing more than a desperate cry to be noticed by what amounts to a marginal at best performer. Let's face it, Vanessa isn't well known for tearing up the charts and this public...does this qualify as a coming out?...has gotten her the most attention she's had in a long long time.
So she bats from both sides of the plate...sorry but I just do not care!