Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ponder This...

The Betrayers –A Novel – David Bezmozgis (Little Brown Books)

As a general rule of thumb; I don’t read novels to be motivated to think. There are plenty of non-fiction books that have motivated me to ponder a wide range of things; in The Betrayers, author David Bezmozgis delivers an elegantly written, thought provoking effort that will leave you contemplating a wide range of moral and social consequences.

Bezmozgis wraps his well crafted storyline, some say loosely based on the real life events surrounding famed Soviet/Jewish dissident Anatoly (Natan) Sharansky, around a set of creatively drawn, but clearly flawed characters. Along the way he attempts to tackle questions of morality, right vs. wrong, and character.

This would likely have been a much more difficult book to read if it weren’t for Bezmozgis’s tremendous ability to craft winning prose and vivid characters that you can almost literally wrap your arms around. He delivers a stunningly good book that will no doubt find its way on to many best of 2014 lists.    

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