Sunday, October 18, 2015

Rustic Cooking Classic

This is Camino – Russell Moore, Allison Hopelain, and Chris Colin

In the evolution of cooking we have reached a point where disruptive thought is to take us back in time, to the roots of scratch cooking. We have reached the point where the simple process of thinking about how we use ingredients has somehow become revolutionary.

Enter Camino, a Northern California favorite; a restaurant know for it’s rustic approach to cooking and it’s big flavors. Russell Moore, Allison Hopelain, and Chris Colin, serve up This is Camino that walks you through not only a recipe, but extols the virtues of thinking about how we use ingredients and food.

It used to be that our grandmothers spent has much time canning and preparing ingredients for future use as they did actually making the family meal; this was real, pre-Wonderbread stuff and the trio from Camino point to the economic collapse of 2008 for inspiring them to spend time and effort to develop a back to basic approach to cooking.

There’s a bit of self-admitted hippie in these folks, but also a nothing goes to waste bit of old school cooking. They detail everything from butchering to building that pantry chalk full of great things for future reference. Add to the mix that they cook everything in a giant wood fired hearth and you can almost taste the huge flavors jumping off the pages.

While you may not be blessed with a giant, open hearth cooking surface, they do offer up what I’ll call campfire alternatives that you can use at home, even offering up details on building a good fire and how it’s the hot coals where the magic happens. They offer up a true soup to nuts gamut covering every possible main dish meat right on through to cocktails and dessert.

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