Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fruits, Nuts and Seeds Oh My

Everyday Super Food – Jamie Oliver (Ecco/Harper Collins)

Jamie Oliver hit the food world like a bolt of lightning just a few short years ago and he quickly became a worldwide sensation and a massive success with his popular cooking shows and his bestselling cookbooks.

Success and acclaim gave Oliver the high profile platform he thought he needed to launch the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and begin to campaign against obesity and for healthier eating habits. In the process he became the British equivalent to Michelle Obama, evangelizing healthy eating. The impact was probably on par with the first lady; insert the sound of crickets chirping here.

I’ll at least give Oliver credit to taking his own advice to heart as part of what he describes as a personal journey to explore his relationship with food, which resulted in his latest book, Everyday Super Food. Oliver’s stated goal was to explore recipes for a healthier, happier you.

Having started out cooking at a very early age, I think of myself as an adventurous eater and since I do the vast majority of my families cooking, I have dragged the gang along on being willing test subjects. While I tend to dabble in cookbooks, I have been known to stray from the exact recipes and varying ingredients along the way. I have also become a very visually oriented eater/cook; so my starting point is often “does this look like something I would eat?”

Based on that, I had to dig deep into Everyday Super Food before I found something I found visually appealing enough to try. Much of the book leans heavily on nuts, seeds, fruits and grains, which is fine, but often the results have a rustic, rough look. It may be my heartfelt status as a protein guy and not a bunny rabbit. Many of these recipes take on the visual look of a deconstructed casserole, with ingredients mixed and matched in a interesting pile on the plate.


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