Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hang On for the Twists and Turns

The Samaritan: A Novel – Mason Cross (Pegasus Books)

There is a serial killer plying his trade on the streets of the City of Lost Angels and as the body count rises the killers signature, a jagged knife wound to the neck, connects the dots to other murder across the United States, there’s no telling how high the body count might go.

That is where Mason Cross’ protagonist, Carter Blake, the mysterious stranger with a particular set of skills; the ability track and hunt down men and predict there next moves comes into play. The Samaritan, Cross’ follow up to The Killing Season packs all the punch of a stiff shot to the gut and enough dizzying twists and turns that it’s sure to keep you guessing right to the final chapters.

Others have compared Blake to Lee Child’s Jack Reacher and it’s easy to see why when you ponder the fact that both share an ability to track down the truth all the while baring a striking resemblance to the people they are hunting. Blake clearly fills the bill of The Samaritan enough to bring him squarely into the cross hairs of the law enforcement types investigating the case.

If your anything like me and you pride yourself on the ability to figure out the mystery of the story, then you may end up kicking yourself in the end for missing the hints Cross sprinkles in a seemingly stingy manner along the way.

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