Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Accidental Spy

The Travelers – Chris Pavone (Crown Books)

Bestselling author Chris Pavone has accomplished an amazing feat over the course of his three fiction outings. He has offered up three very distinctly different stories that all have a common thread; they all are not only well crafted, full of characters who run the gamut from likeable to despicable they also live up to their hype by being actually pulse pounding and fast paced.

Pavone’s latest, The Travelers, is a take on the fish out of water storyline, with Will, a travel writer for a glossy magazine suddenly thrust via some bad choices and some exploits caught on video, into international intrigue. What better cover for a forced spy than being a globetrotting travel writer.

A relatively mild-mannered type, Will turns out to be anything but ordinary as he searches for answers and if there is anyone he can truly trust. Pavone will have you guessing right through the journey to the ending that will have even veteran thriller readers muttering…I did not see that coming.

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