Sunday, November 7, 2010

Brad Thor- Foreign Influence

If you’re like me and you care deeply about the security of this country and its people, then you’ll likely join me in the hope that somewhere out there, there is a guy or better yet a group of them just like Scot Harvath fighting on our behalf.

Harvath is the highly skilled, tough guy who is the lead character in Brad Thor’s ongoing series of thrillers. The latest installment, Foreign Influence, finds Harvath once again squaring off with Islamist terrorists, in a clocks-ticking race to prevent a calamitous terrorist attack.

Some may scoff at the good versus evil plot lines, but there is a reason why Thor was selected to serve on the Department of Homeland Security’s analytic Red Cell program, he laces his stories with straightforward facts about the Jihadis and their hated for the west, along with a dose of the difficult reality that we won’t be able to stop every attack. Harvath more often than not gets put into action following a terrorist attack, or for you fans of the current administration, a “man-made disaster.”

Through this series, Harvath has made his way through an alphabet soup of government agencies, but now finds himself moving into the realm of the private contractor, where highly skilled operators move out of government work and turn around and sell those skills back to the government. This process frees them from the squeamish and the second-guessers who run government oversight and decry the tough actions needed to fight our enemies.

Foreign Influence has an “it’s a small world” approach to weaving and connecting the story lines that send the reader careening to a fiery conclusion. Along the way we get introduced to Harvath’s new co-workers, a group of equally-skilled, though much hotter, female operators dubbed the Athena Team. Later this month the ladies will launch what could be Thor’s new series, with the release of the new book, The Athena Project.

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