Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fiction Finds From a Snow Drift

Despite the popular notion that fiction strictly falls into the domain of the beachgoer, here is word from a mound of Northeast snow that fiction is alive and well even at the tail end of a too long winter. Here’s a selection straight from the snow drift:

Notes from the Internet Apocalypse – A Novel – Wayne Gladstone (Thomas Dunne Books)

Imagine…one day the internet just stopped working. Refresh if you want to, but you’ll be met with and endless loading signal that never connects. No warnings, no announcements; a few days in and reality starts to set in. Wayne Gladstone, our author and lead character starts to blog the events of the day the old school way, chronicling the comings and goings in a notebook in the form of Notes from the Internet Apocalypse.

A rumor that someone still has the internet sets Gladstone off on a search for answers; along the way he gathers up a collection of fellow travelers; folks who previously made their living via the world wide web. On this journey Gladstone concocts a downright funny tale as the group confronts a series of internet culture reference points including: Reddit circles, “live” Youtube videos, and hackers unplugged.

Gladstone’s debut is an entertaining Rickroll through the wonderful world of internet iconography.

The Amazing Harvey – Don Passman (Minotaur Books)

Don Passman is a music industry legal heavyweight and bestselling author of All You Need to Know About the Music Business, who serves up his third novel The Amazing Harvey a murder mystery with an unlikely hero/suspect.

Harvey Kendall is a part-time substitute teacher and magician who aspires to a Vegas showroom. Kendall is one the verge of breaking out to magic stardom when he is accused of a vicious murder; his DNA recovered from the crime scene.

Kendall is the perfect wisecracking schlub and Passman serves up enough twists and turns to satisfy any mystery fan and keep you guessing what is real and what is an illusion.

NYPD Red 2 – James Patterson and Marshall Karp (Little Brown Books)

Murder victims are being deposited around New York City, left in tableau settings and decked out in white Tyvek suits. When one of those victims turns out to be a politically connected, filthy rich daughter and wife of a pair of NYC’s wealthiest men; the call goes out to the elite NYPD Red squad to solve the case.

The “victims” all have one thing in common; crime. Even the rich broad was videotaped by her killer admitting to offing her lesbian lover. These “criminal/victims” are being cleaned up by the HAZMAT killer.


NYPD Red 2 serves up the typical Patterson formula, plenty of plot twists, fast pacing and colorful characters.

Runner – Patrick Lee (Minotaur Books)

Patrick Lee, author of The Breach series, is back with a new set featuring ex-special forces soldier Sam Dryden, which kicks off with Runner. Dryden thought he had settled in to the quite life of an ex-military man; but he is haunted by the violent death of his wife and child. Unable to sleep yet again, Dryden laces up for a run and along the way finds himself thrust headlong into a high stakes thrill ride.

Lee delivers the goods with a spare, economical writing style. He’ll send a chill down your spine with a look inside some of the powerful technology in the hands of the bad guys, that given today’s headlines, take on a very real feel.

As Dryden and the mysterious young girl with an interesting skillset literally take off on a runner, you’ll wonder how long they can keep up the pace. This one is a great mix that will have fans of Jack Reacher and Mitch Rapp cheering for more.

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