Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Wellth – A Personal Journey

Wellth – How I Learned to Build a Life, Not a Resume – Jason Wachob (Harmony Books)

There has been a notable evolution that has transpired over the last few decades. It wasn’t that long ago that we saw the greed is good, those that die with the most toys wins lifestyle and pursuit of material things as a way of life. Gradually over time there has been a steady transition in the way we perceive our lives and phrases like “work life balance” have begun to creep into the lexicon.

The movement has blossomed into cultural shift and in its wake has developed a lifestyle industry based around those changing attitudes, that focuses on health, wellness, diet and the choices that we make for ourselves and our families.

The hard chargers among us may view this as a bunch of touchy feely mumbo jumbo; the self-help movement come to life in a world that abounds with connectivity, smart phones and a web presence. One of the movers and shakers of this new paradigm is Jason Wachob, founder and CEO of the web outpost, MindBodyGreen.com.

Wacob serves up his first book in the form of Wellth – How I Learned to Build a Life, Not a Resume. Part memoir and part theory of what a new definition of what a successful, balanced life might look like. I think Wacob makes the case that there is no one size fits all, plug and play solution that anyone can tap into and this process is truly a personal journey.

Wellth doesn’t come off and a prescriptive to do list; a treasure map that will lead you to your ideal life, but rather an overview or guidepost that you can utilize or not in this journey we call life.

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