Saturday, April 9, 2016

Searching for the Storyline

The Searcher – Christopher Morgan Jones

Christopher Morgan Jones is out with his third novel of international corporate intrigue and spying, The Searcher, which shifts focus away from the hero/main character of his two initial entries Ben Webster, to Webster’s boss, Ike Hammer.

The Searcher, starts out with the Webster and Hammer going their separate ways and in the process setting the table for all that follows, in what has the making of an international thriller against a back drop of Hammer being the target of a criminal investigation spawned by Webster’s actions. Therein lies the problem; in an effort to track down answers, Hammer is thrust back into the field and quickly flounders, like a fish out of water.

While I am a veteran Tom Clancy thrillers and other complex story narratives, I quickly found myself lost in a sea of seemingly disconnected characters and far flung locales. Has a found myself struggling to grasp who was who and where they fit into the story my interest began to wane.

I continued to muddle along in the hope that the storyline would come back to me and the finish would get stronger. Unfortunately, that never happened. It reached the point where I could even determine if I had a compelling reason to care about the characters or the story and I found myself throwing my hands up in submission.


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