Monday, May 22, 2017

Confirmed: John Boehner is a Dick!

Drain the Swam: How Washington Corruption is Worse Than You Think – Congressman Ken Buck – (Regnery Publishing)

After reading Congressman Ken Buck’s (R-CO) new book Drain the Swam: How Washington Corruption is Worse Than You Think, I can’t help but wonder why anybody would ever run for any U.S. Congressional seat. I can only conclude that as small children their parents dropped them on their head with some regularity.

Buck, a staunch conservative, lays bare what you have often suspected of those who clawed their way to the top and take on leadership positions in Congress. Buck discloses the pay to play fundraising schemes that party leaders have developed and the expectations that they put forth for folks that want to take committee leadership positions. These so-called “leaders” buy their positions by raising money to support leadership and party PACs. Is any wonder nothing gets done when these folks spend the preponderance of their time dialing for dollars to raise the money they need to hang onto committee positions.

Buck also spells out the expectations that people like former Speaker of the House John Boehner and his party Whips have when it comes to voting the way they call the shots. Buck offers a couple of examples that confirm what you always suspected of Boehner; this guy is a certified DICK! His tantrums and back biting are the stuff of legend and Buck adds confirmation.

So what are voters supposed to do? How can we possibly “Drain The Swamp”? Buck offers his thoughts and certainly backs up those ideas with action, when he votes his conscience and stands up to guys like Boehner. In the long haul can he make a noticeable dent? It will be a tall order, but sending likeminded folks to DC to build the team, while time consuming is really the only answer.

We have a document to guide the folks we elect; it’s called the U.S. Constitution and all we need is folks to get back to following that document and doing the right thing rather than the thing that keeps them in office. Buck’s book is eye opening in that he lays out how much of the discretionary spending is actually illegal; often spent on laws and regulations that have sunsetted and expired but continue to be supported by taxpayer dollars. Things like the endangered species act and even Obamacare have actually expired and not been re-upped by a vote, because like so much in Washington, the leadership has allowed our representatives to avoid at all costs any need to actually stand behind any difficult or what could be perceived as controversial votes, thereby making members of Congress eunuchs lacking any testicular fortitude.  

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