Saturday, January 18, 2014

Party On Wayne!

101 Places to Get F*cked Up Before You Die – Matador Network (St. Martins/Griffin)

There’s something about travel writing that holds great allure for those who dream or even romanticize about the thought of tossing a couple of changes of clothes, a Moleskine notebook, a pen and maybe a beat up copy of Hemingway into a backpack and taking off.

101 Places to Get F*cked Up Before You Die  by the contributors to the travel website is a great concept, combined neatly with great storytelling and splash of fun; think of it as a drinking bucket list wrapped in great, entertaining travel writing.  

Some of the choices included here seem a bit clichéd:

·         Octoberfest in Munich

·          Mardi Gras in New Orleans  

·         Carnival in Argentina

Really? Kinda been there done that feel…you can add the stinky folks at burning man to that list too.

Others offer some I would never have thought of that intrigue:

·         McMurdo Station, Antarctica

·         Katmandu, Nepal

·         Harare, Zimbabwe

Well at least you’d never run out of ice at McMurdo.

And would fall into the no thanks, I’ll pass category:

·         Tel Aviv, Israel

·         Goa, India

·         Phuket, Thailand

Sorry, but risking my life to hoist a few just isn’t on my to do list.

Serious travel guide…not so much, but it does offer an interesting look at the world from a different perspective than the “normal” itinerary…whatever that is.


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