Sunday, January 26, 2014

Photos From the Heart

Find It In Everything – Drew Barrymore (Little Brown)

Developing a new concept for a photo collection book is like looking for that proverbial needle in the farmer’s haystack. While I am almost certain of two things; 1 – there is likely another book of collected photographs of hearts that are naturally occurring as part of everyday life and 2 – the Find It In Everything may not have started out as a series of books, but with a rotating “It” this could end up being the first in a series of books for actress, producer, director and entrepreneur Drew Barrymore.

Barrymore, a self-professed fan of hearts has been snapping photos of hearts for a number of years and has spent ten gathering together the photos that make up this book. That casual approach has lent itself to this project in a couple of distinct ways; none of the photos seems overly staged and while some of the shots are very well done, other take on the quality, or lack there of, of a cellphone photo.

I would guess that photography enthusiasts and purists may balk at this set as some sort of a celebrity take on the photo book concept collection. Fans of Ms. Barrymore may be a tad more forgiving looking at this more as a fun collection that will make for an interesting gift for a certain upcoming, heart related holiday. It wouldn’t shock me if there ends up being more entries in a series of object related photography.

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