Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Execution – A Jeremy Fisk Novel - Dick Wolf (William Morrow)

Dick Wolf, the creator of the Law and Order television program and all of its spinoff series, is back with his second entry in the Jeremy Fisk series, The Execution. Fisk is a member of the NYPD Intel Division, charged with protecting the citizenry of the Big Apple from terrorist threats.

Like many of the characters he created for the small screen, the characters Wolf creates in print are smart and tough, yet flawed. It is those flaws that often make a character stand out; they create a level of uncertainty and tension in the plot line of the story.

Like the most entertaining episodes of the Law and Order series, Wolf manages to throw in a feints and hooks along the way to keep you guessing on which direction the story will turn next. The mix of UN Week and all of the world leaders and inherent mayhem, a shadowy killer dubbed the Chuprosa who leaves behind stacks of headless corpses and terror plot that is slow to develop combined with a tough, secretive Mexican Federale charged with the security of the Mexican president is enough to drive the story.

Unfortunately pacing becomes a problematic as Wolf balances the intersecting story lines, but stick to it, the payoff comes as the thrills accelerate to the payoff in the last 50 or so pages of the story. Clearly this sophomore effort hits a few bumps, but Fisk is the kind of character that could and should be around for the long haul and Wolf’s track record of success speaks for itself.    

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