Saturday, March 29, 2014

Get Your Man Skills On

The Manual to Manhood – Jonathan Catherman (Revell Books)

Thumbing through Jonathan Catherman’s, The Manual to Manhood is an interesting mix of entertaining advice and sadness. This is a collection of 100  manly skills that will help the ordinary, average, guy in ten focus areas.

Call me old school, but I found some of these things a bit sad that we have come to the point where we need a book to guide us through things like changing a tire, properly tie a necktie or even the most basic hygiene things. It may be a statement about where we are as a society because most of this stuff, are things we should have grown up learning from our Dads.

Catherman covers the gamut from women to social skills and work and ethics to managing money and the basics of household and auto repair. He doles out the basics with a been there, done that level of experience and easy to follow diagrams.

The Manual to Manhood reads a bit like a souped up version of a Boy Scout Manual on steroids and would make a great gift for a father to a son

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