Saturday, March 22, 2014

Thriller Soup

Doing Harm – Kelly Parsons [Read by Robert Petkoff] (MacMillan Audiobooks/St. Martin’s Press)

Dr. Kelly Parsons is a board certified urologist from Southern California, who in his spare time has knocked out a winning first novel, Doing Harm. The book is a creative mix of the medical thrills of Tess Gerritsen and Michael Palmer, the intrigue of The Firm, with a dash of Fatal Attraction all shaken with very special skillset from Taken.

Steve Mitchell, a chief resident at Boston’s University Hospital seems to be on the perfect career trajectory; he’s a hotshot surgeon, wife a perfect family, in line for his dream job when suddenly things go spinning off course. Fatally. Off. Course.
A beautiful, sexy and a little too perfect med student enters Mitchell’s storybook life and before long reveals her true colors. Now Mitchell must match wits with this deranged psychopath to not only save his own happy existence, but also the lives of his patients.

Add to the mix a mysterious fellow resident, a former Marine who brings an interesting set of skills to the tale and you’ve got enough twists and turns to jockey yourself up to the edge of your seat. Michael Petkoff does a perfect job as narrator of the audiobook, giving Mitchell’s character just the mix of cocky surgeon and desperate doctor to drive the story forward.

This one may have you alternately talking back to the audio for the obviously glaring mistaken choices and reaching for the power switch when thrills go far off the rails. This one is a keeper.


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