Sunday, March 16, 2014

Terror Storm

Snowblind – A Novel – Christopher Golden (St. Martin's Press)

Growing up and spending most of my life in a Northeast snow belt, I always thought that a howling winter snow storm would be the perfect setting for a book. There is just something about experiencing a storm, the bone chill of the air kicked up a notch by the sounds made on a dark and stormy night; the way the snowflakes play off a car’s headlights and reflect back.

Author Christopher Golden does a magical job of capturing that eerie loneliness of being out in a blustering storm at night in the pages of his latest, Snowblind.

Set in the oh so familiar New England town of Coventry, a vicious storm of the ages, twelve years ago, saw friends and family members wander off into the snow, never to be heard from again. Now with every new storm the town is gripped with fear and the latest icy blast of winter may be bringing back more than just bad memories.

Golden’s writing style lends a comfortable as an old boot feel to the proceedings, with his classic chill inducing twists. A cover endorsement from horror master Stephen King may draw not only unfair comparisons, but also unfair negative reactions. Golden offers the requisites twists and shocks to the system to make Snowblind stand on its own two feet as a chill inducing classic that will be a memorable part of this long cold winter.

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