Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Story Two Decades in the Making

Jeter Unfiltered – Derek Jeter and Christopher Anderson (Photographer)

It is a story that is a true rarity in sports in the modern era. A player; not just any player, but one that in a sports world that throws around accolades like penny candy, is truly a superstar, all star and elite player, who spent twenty years as a member of one team. With free agency, salary caps, trade deadlines; that is almost as amazing a feat of accomplishment as hitting .300 for the season.

That is the story of Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees. Jeter Unfilitered is the lovingly crafted remembrance, in pictures and words, of a story that is twenty years in the making. It is a story that almost surprisingly lives up to its title; an unfiltered look at guy who by in large spent his highlight reel career in the sports spotlight and not in the spotlight for his off field antics.

Jeter Unfilitered collects amazing photos not only from the archives of his career but follows alongside him as he winds his way through his final season. Photographer Christopher Anderson truly captures not only the on field exploits, but the off field, seemingly easy going, willing to shake any hand side of Jeter.

This tribute gathers together the experiences of the last twenty years; the rise to the bigs, the interactions and crossing paths with celebrity and average fan, the family, the FIVE World Series Championships, the highs and the lows that are part and parcel of his amazing career. While his life has been a series of accolades, this book gives great insight into not only the past, but what the future may hold for Derek Jeter and it’s a great way to start the next chapter.

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