Friday, November 7, 2014

The Wonderful World of the Tuna

Parcells: A Football Life – Bill Parcells and Nunyo Demasio (Crown Archetype)

Like him or not, Bill Parcells is easily among the most storied coaches in the history of the NFL. Along the way he has acted as the architect of winning programs and racked up a pair of Super Bowl rings, and been front and center of some memorable battle royals that have amused and outraged fans and the media.

Now in Parcells: A Football Life, an autobiography co-authored with Nunyo Demasio, a sports scribbler for publications ranging from Sports Illustrated and ESPN, The Magazine to the Washington Post and New York Times, Parcells has weighed in with his side of the story; often taking readers inside some of the more intimate, often painful stories that have become legend.

Clearly Parcells is a guy who doesn’t release his firm grip on a grudge very easily. While some in the sport media might like portray a collegial coaching brotherhood; Parcells doesn’t really qualify as a member in good standing. He details the betrayal of Bill Belichick as he transitioned from coaching New England to taking the helm of the New York Jets football operations. While Belichick stiffed Parcells, his mentor, on the head coaching job of the Jets, the book details offensive guru Charlie Weis, backstabbing Parcells in an NFL grievance hearing, in what might have been a transparent angling for the Jets head coaching gig. It backfired and Parcells reportedly told Weis,    “Charlie, you need to get your s— and leave the building.”

Despite being a long-suffering Buffalo Bills fan; I found Parcells: A Football Life entertaining, insightful and a solid read. Perfect for football fans, right in the middle of football season.

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