Sunday, November 9, 2014

The All-to-Real World

The Liberators – A Novel of the Coming Global Collapse – John Wesley Rawles (Dutton Books)

If you think that everything is going well, that because the Stock Market is booming and the government tells you that the unemployment rate is below 6%, then this is probably not a book for you. If you think the government can and should take care of your every want and need, this is definitely not a book for you; just go back to your video games and reality TV.

If you believe in self-reliance and that government tinkering with the economy through think quantitative easing and endless printing money and that we can tax our way out of an economic downturn, The Liberators – A Novel of the Coming Global Collapse, by former U.S, Army Intelligence officer and best selling author John Wesley Rawles is right up your alley.

I always thought that thriller writers like Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn and Brad Thor were scary due to the almost predictive qualities of their books; and the proximity to real terror events, but Rawles details things that seem to hit closer to home making his books even more scary. Rawles, is a true survival specialist and he laces the novels in the Patriot series with real world examples of the world on the brink of collapse and chaos.

Working my way through the all-to-real scenario that Rawles draws in The Liberators, had me upping the personal ante on self-protection and preparing, or prepping, for what could be the hard road ahead. At times, Rawles books, even the novels, read like a road map of prepper survival; some may find that off-putting, others will create a shopping list.

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